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Grooved wire

Our standard offer includes grooved wires with diameters from 4.20 to 6.00 mm. The wires are supplied in pick-up coils. Wire diameter can be manufactured according to order specifications in 0.10 mm increments.

Application examples:

  • metalwork
  • construction
  • racks and shelves
  • railing, fencing, gates and balustrades
  • metal structures
  • equipment manufacturing
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Technical data

Stalex grooved wires (with longitudinal rolling) are manufactured with high precision. Wire diameter and weight are fully adapted to meet the needs and specifications of the order. We watch every stage of the production process very closely to ensure the highest quality of the grooved wires (with longitudinal rolling) included in our offer. We provide high quality, fast delivery, wholesale and retail, attractive prices.

WIRE DIAMETER 4,20 - 6,00 mm
STRENGTH 500 - 650 MPa
PACKAGING pick-up coils
WEIGHT RANGE 500 - 1000 kg (pick-up coils)
WIRE SURFACE grooved (longitudinally rolled)

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